The last thing you want to worry about is the smooth operation of your company’s network and servers. Whether you have an inhouse IT staff or not, more and more businesses rely upon specialty managed services providers like us for the deployment, monitoring, management and ongoing support of the company network and any virtual or physical servers.

Problems with an improperly configured network, whether immediately visible or not, can cost huge amounts of lost productivity and time, and can result in a sub-par experience if you maintain public networks for customers or employees.

Virtual and physical servers require monitoring and proactive maintenance after their initial deployment. Without proper management and maintenance, server-based tasks take longer to complete, which means your employees are burning valuable time while doing their everyday work.  Concerns about productivity and server time become even more of an issue when you’re in an industry that relies upon the delivery of information, goods and services faster than your competition.

We offer 24/7 monitoring and remote proactive issue resolution as well as patching and updating for both local and cloud-based infrastructure. With alerts when systems reach certain performance or usage thresholds, we are able to address issues before they become critical.

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Our network management and server management services include:

Network Design & Installation

Network Monitoring & Support

Virtual & Physical Server Management