Our team provides comprehensive cybersecurity consulting & monitoring services for organizations of all sizes.  We take pride in our commitment to upholding cybersecurity and IT compliance standards. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology and data security, it is crucial for organizations to adhere to industry regulations and best practices.  We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to help businesses navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.

We help you navigate various IT compliance and SEC standards. Our team understands the complexities of navigating the ever-changing landscape of IT compliance. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge of various cybersecurity and data security standards, including those required by the SEC to maintain financial compliance for publicly held companies. 

We provide comprehensive IT compliance services in Austin, TX, to help your business identify potential vulnerabilities, implement robust security protocols, and achieve compliance with the relevant regulations.

With our proactive, flexible approach to IT compliance, we can help you navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. Contact Lithium Networks today to learn more about how we can help your company achieve and maintain IT compliance.

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Our cybersecurity monitoring & scans include:

Asset Discovery
Active Directory Assessment
External IP Scans
Vulnerability Detection
Compliance Scans
App Analysis & Patching
Internal IP Scans
IT Department Audits
Policy Auditing
Penetration Testing
User Training
Ransomware Training