Managed IT Services

Our goal is to be proactive and handle most incidents remotely. Most on-site services are only needed when there is a problem with actual hardware. If we are able to diagnose hardware remotely we schedule a tech from the manufacturer to avoid additional costs. The level billing aspect of what we provide enables clients to effectively budget and plan for IT expenses on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Our managed services cover nearly all of your IT services in one flat rate.

  • Monitor workstation and server health
  • Perform operating system and security patching
  • Monitor network environment and health
  • Monthly activity reporting
  • 5 x 10 phone, email, and chat based support for all user workstations
  • Coverage includes operating system issues, 3rd party software troubleshooting, diagnostic and fix facilitation for hardware issues, email administration and monitoring, and a guaranteed response time.
  • Monitor IT environment effectiveness, advise and modify strategy as we go.

Typical issues include: login, print, file access, email issues, network connectivity, poor performance and etc.




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