Cisco Meraki MX68: New Flagship Small Business & Small Branch Firewall Released

Cisco Meraki MX68: New Flagship Small Business & Small Branch Firewall Released

All of our clients at Lithium Networks know – we are strong supporters and major users of the Cisco Meraki brand of cloud-controlled networking equipment.  There’s an exciting new product release in the small business and small branch firewall sector we’re excited to announce.

The Cisco Meraki MX68 firewall is available for delivery starting in September 2018 and is the new flagship small business router within the Meraki model line. The unit offers 10 LAN ports, 2 additional PoE+ powered LAN ports and available Wave 2 WiFi and/or integrated LTE Cellular connectivity.

This is a small business integrated router, next-generation firewall, traffic shaper, and Internet gateway with advanced connectivity features in a convenient, all-in-one chassis. Like the rest of the Cisco Meraki security appliance line-up, the device is centrally managed over the Cisco Meraki cloud.

Cisco Meraki wants to provide the most reliable, secure, and connected solutions to customers as broadband speeds grow and more connectivity options become available. Throughput speeds have been increased over the prior generation MX64 and MX65 models, best-sellers within the small business router sector.

Additional firewall models in the same solution set include a lower price point MX67 firewall offered in basic, MX67W Wave 2 Wireless, or MX67C LTE Cellular models.

As always, the Meraki Cloud Controller provides intuitive web-based administration that eliminates specialized training and dedicated staff, and cloud-based centralized management provides seamless multi-site networks, automatic firmware upgrades, and much more.

“We often down-sell our small business clients out of an additional network switch due to this model’s 12 LAN ports. It cuts the budgets required to put a small office or branch completely on the cloud for remote management,” said Eric Josselyn, Director of Technology Sales. “Your flagship MX68 model gives you a choice of multiple connectivity options including LTE Cellular all in one box.”

These new product additions are a great fit for customers interested in versatile uplink choices, more throughput, and lower ongoing operational costs, especially in retail and remote worker environments.

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