KRACK Exploit: Some Cloud Providers Have Patches & Updates in Place

KRACK Exploit: Some Cloud Providers Have Patches & Updates in Place

Researchers involved with providing disclosure and background info on the current severe vulnerabilities just disclosed regarding WPA2 Wi-Fi security protocols have also announced that several cloud-based access point manufacturers already have proactive updates and patches in place.

Aruba Networks gets a mention inside initial report bulletins that have been distributing since the problem has been announced. Aruba Networks sells cloud-managed wireless technologies in the corporate and government sector. We often use them here at Lithium Networks as a fall-back option when customers aren’t a great fit for Cisco Meraki’s cloud solution.

Ubiquiti Networks also gets identified as a manufacturer that already has updates and patches in place for this issue.

The Reddit megathread that has hopped up among the IT crowd has pulled together a list of manufacturers who have already dealt with the issue. Use this info at your own risk until manufacturers release their own news and formal updates to the press.

One Cisco Meraki user posted the response from 24/7 support this AM over at Cisco Meraki.

We’ve got our own calls in currently and have requested formal updates from the Cisco Meraki team.

“It’s great that Cisco Meraki supposedly has patches already in place during recent rounds of cloud licensing updates,” commented Eric Josselyn, Director of Technology Sales at Lithium Networks. “What’s not-so-great and mildly infuriating is the lack of formal manufacturer-issued news about the issue and what to do about it. We’re both an end user and a managed services provider using several branded cloud backbones, and having to dig around on our own during a high-alert Monday morning is inexcusable. Cisco Meraki and other brands need to get this out of the hands of their lawyers and public relations folks and let their customers know if they are safe or not.”

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