Think Twice: Cloud Recovery and Continuity

Think Twice: Cloud Recovery and Continuity

As with many “hot” technologies, many organizations got infatuated with the Cloud and quickly started moving everything over and thinking this is it, it is elastic, it can’t go down, and this is our production and disaster recovery all in one.

One problem, it did go down. At least for Amazon and their very public Cloud outage (link) and even with VMware’s not quite as public outage (link).

This is not to say that the Cloud is not the way to go, I personally think it is. However it just shows us that we can’t just assume that because it is built to withstand failure and disasters, that it is completely full proof. As much as I hate to say it, this outage may be a good thing in the long run. Can you imagine the “lessons learned” discussions that are going on right now at Amazon? Things like this will only make planning for a Cloud infrastructure stronger for both SaaS developers and organizations moving their datacenter to the Cloud.

It also brings up discussions that many have not put as much thought into in the past because this type of issue was kind of un-thinkable.

The first and foremost is Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Yes, this has always been one of those things that organizations knew they needed, but put it on the back burner even when they had onsite datacenters. Now when they started moving more and more systems to the Cloud they figured this was there DR and BC. They did not need to think about it because the Cloud was elastic and resistant to this type of issue. This brings it back to the forefront, especially for anyone who had decided to move mission and/or business critical systems to the Cloud to have resiliency.

Another item we are hearing is that more are looking to Private Clouds as an alternative to the Public Clouds like Amazon. When the Cloud really came on the scene most companies would never had thought about setting up a private cloud across co-locations or datacenters. Now with so many innovations and tools having been built for setting up a Cloud infrastructure, some of the larger organizations are seriously thinking about moving from the Public to Private.

Personally having worked in IT for such a long time and being an early adopter of virtualizations (hypervisors) this is actually quite familiar. Back when VMware made its hypervisor popular there were many headaches for those of us bringing it into our datacenters. It was supposed to offer resiliency, growth, etc. It did, but it also brought a whole new world of thinking and architecture.

It takes bumps in the road fully grasp the idea and new way of thinking required to implement a proper architecture.

Just ask the folks at Amazon about those “Lessons Learned”!!

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